Bihler of America, Inc.

Project Overview: 

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions designed a 2.08 megawatt roof and ground mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar system at the Bihler facility in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The project included the installation of solar panels mounted on two building roofs. One of the buildings had office space and a manufacturing area and the other building was a warehouse. The project also included a ground mounted solar system in an open field adjacent to the warehouse building.

In addition to the solar installation, Pro-Tech participated in the design and coordination with JCPL to rework the electrical service to the warehouse building increasing the service voltage to 12.4kV, which will enable the owner to cut their cost of electricity distribution charges.

Project Challenges:

  • Converted customer to 12KV primary power

  • Received approval from planning board for ground mount as accessory use

System Specifications:

  • Installed Capacity: 2,089.62 kW - DC

  • Photovoltaic Modules: 8,892- Solar World SW235

  • Power Conversion Equipment: Advanced Energy Solaron 500 (x3) and PV Powered PVP 75kW (x1), PVP 260kW (x2)

  • Estimated Annual Production: 2,301,149 Kilowatt Hours-AC

  • Energy Monitoring System: Pro-Tech Monitoring powered by Satec

Environmental Attributes:

Avoided Emissions:

  3,008,628 lbs
 SO2   16,439 lbs
  5,408 lbs/yr

Carbon Footprint Reduction:

 Solar Array - Planting Equivalent
  341 acres
 Solar Array - Tree Equivalent
  10 acres
 Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent
  130,867 gallons/yr