Project Overview
Pro-Tech has constructed a 223.44kW-DC solar carport for Covidien, now owned by Medtronic, the world's premier medical technology and services company. Installed at Covidien’s corporate headquarters, the Solar Support System parking canopy structure from Baja Construction generates solar power from 771 Suntech modules while also protecting Covidien staff from the elements. Commissioned on Earth Day, the canopies have generated approximately 500,000 kWh of clean electricity since going online in 2013.  Moreover, the canopies have held up to New England’s heaviest snow on record without incident. 

Project Challenges
An active corporate facility with approximately 13,700 square footage of parking to be covered, installation required careful monitoring and movement of traffic patterns and pre-planning of scheduled deliveries and construction. The team worked in sections to stage the parking lot, pour concrete foundations, construct and connect the canopies and then restore the parking lot surface to original conditions. A testament to the quality and engineering of the construction, and despite difficult winter weather conditions, the entire project was completed on time and on budget without any disruption to Covidien employees.

System Specifications

  • 6 Baja Construction Solar Support System canopies
  • 931 Suntech Pluto240-WDE modules
  • 15 Power-One PVI-12.0 inverters
  • 267,967 kW/h – annual AC production