East Orange

Project Overview

The East Orange Water Commission’s solar arrays cover approximately 27 acres of land within the commissions 2,400 acres.  The arrays are separated into North Array (11,970 modules) & South Array (5,562 modules).  Power is distributed from both arrays via 34.5Kv medium voltage conductors that are direct buried onsite, crossing Parsonage Hill Rd, and terminating at a single 34.5kV switchgear near the pumping facility.

Project Challenges

This project presented many construction challenges.  Pro-Tech had committed to, and delivered, the project in an accelerated timeline as dictated by the client.  Since the site is a municipal watershed, special care had to be employed during construction to stay within the guidelines set forth by the commission.  During interconnection, Pro-Tech was able to keep the pumping facility on-line using a 2MW stand-alone generator. 

System Specifications
  • (6) SMA 750 Inverters (SC-750CP)
  • (17,532) MEMC 315 watt modules (M315BMC)
  • Sigma II Racking
  • 5.52MW-DC
  • 6,626,400  kW/h – annual AC production

Environmental Attributes

Description of Savings Quantification of Savings
Solar Array Output 6,626,400 kWh
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 4439.69 Tons of Carbon Annually
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 8,879,376 Pounds of Carbon Annually Eliminated
Solar Array - Cars off the Road 538 Cars Taken off the Road For One Year
Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent 457,700 Gallons of Gas
Solar Array - Tree Equivalent 132,528 Trees Cleansing the Air For One Year
Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent 3,313 Trees Planted for Life of Tree
Solar Array - Average Homes Powered 744.54 Homes Powered For One Year
Solar Array - Average Lightbulbs Powered 56732.88 Lightbulbs Powered For One Year