Endicott College

Project Overview
Pro-Tech has constructed a 943kW-DC solar carport for Endicott College. The parking canopy structure from Rigid supports thousands of BMC solar modules that generate clean electricity while also protecting students and staff from the elements. The canopies supply 1,133,865kWh of clean electricity annually.

Project Challenges
Beautifully situated on oceanfront property just north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts, Endicott College is built on a granite hilltop. In order to install the solar canopies, Pro-Tech worked with Rigid and SunEdison to overcome difficult, geotechnical, subsurface site conditions. These conditions required controlled dynamite blasting through the granite hilltop during off-hours to install over 2,000 cubic yards of concrete foundation. The solar carports were interconnected to the school’s primary loop through the use of a dedicated piece of switchgear. Additional challenges included having to schedule all deliveries and manage construction while school was in session during the fall semester in an active student/staff parking lot, all of which was done without disruption or delay.

System Specifications

  • 2,915 MEMC-M320 BMC solar modules
  • 33 MEMC-M315 BMC solar modules
  • (3) AE 100-TX inverters
  • (1) AE 500-TX inverter
  • Carport structure by Rigid
  • 943 kW-DC
  • 1,133,865 kW/h – annual AC production