Edgewood Kohl's

Project Overview

Pro-Tech has constructed a 2.39MW-DC ballasted solar array on the Edgewood Kohl’s distribution facility in Maryland.   The total roof space is approximately 995,000 sq.ft. and is covered by a TPO membrane.  There are 8,360 Solar Fun modules mounted to Delta racking.  There are (4) Advanced Energy inverters located inside the building.  Interconnection was made to the facility’s existing switchgear.

Project Challenges

The Edgewood site is an active distribution facility for Kohl’s.  Pro-Tech was able to coordinate all interior work, roof loading, deliveries and a utility shutdown with Kohl’s management to ensure that Kohl’s daily operations were not affected and Pro-Tech was able to build a successful project.

System Specifications
  • (4) Advanced Energy 500kW Inverters
  • (2002) SOLAR FUN 295
  • (2018) SOLAR FUN 290
  • (3790) SOLAR FUN 280
  • (550) SOLAR FUN 275
  • Delta Ballasted Racking
  • 2.39 MW-DC
  • 2,868,000  kW/h – annual AC production

Environmental Attributes

Description of Savings Quantification of Savings
Solar Array Output 2,868,000 kWh
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 1921.56 Tons of Carbon Annually
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 3,843,120 Pounds of Carbon Annually Eliminated
Solar Array - Cars off the Road 233 Cars Taken off the Road For One Year
Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent 198,099 Gallons of Gas
Solar Array - Tree Equivalent 57,360 Trees Cleansing the Air For One Year
Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent 1,434 Trees Planted for Life of Tree
Solar Array - Average Homes Powered 322.25 Homes Powered For One Year
Solar Array - Average Lightbulbs Powered 24,554.79 Lightbulbs Powered For One Year