Project Overview

The Mattapoisett solar project consists of two arrays; the North and South arrays both utilize (3,024 modules).  The array covers approximately 8 acres and the geotechnical report showed ledge in several areas of the footprint of the array.  Pro-Tech utilized a ground screw foundation to mitigate the risk of refusal during the installation of the foundations.  Sunlink racking was paired with the Krinner foundations to support the MEMC modules.  The power from the SMA inverters is stepped up to 13.2kV via (2) 750kVa transformers and fed into MV switchgear.

Project Challenges

Towards the completion of the project, the utility stipulated significant changes to the interconnection infrastructure.  Pro-Tech was able to accommodate the utility’s request and delivered the project on time due to its relationships with various power conditioning equipment vendors nationally.  

System Specifications
  • (2) SMA 750 Inverters (SC-750CP)
  • (3,060) MEMC 325 watt modules (M325BMC)
  • (2,988) MEMC 335 watt modules (M335BMC)
  • Sunlink Racking – Krinner Ground Screw Foundations
  • 1.98 MW-DC
  • 2,304,000  kW/h – annual AC production

Environmental Attributes

Description of Savings Quantification of Savings
Solar Array Output 2,304,000 kWh
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 1543.68 Tons of Carbon Annually
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 3,087,360 Pounds of Carbon Annually Eliminated
Solar Array - Cars off the Road 187 Cars Taken off the Road For One Year
Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent 159,142 Gallons of Gas
Solar Array - Tree Equivalent 46,080 Trees Cleansing the Air For One Year
Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent 1,152 Trees Planted for Life of Tree
Solar Array - Average Homes Powered 258.88 Homes Powered For One Year
Solar Array - Average Lightbulbs Powered 19726.03 Lightbulbs Powered For One Year