Northeast Foods

Project Overview

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions was hired by Northeast Foods to provide design-build installation of a standby generator including the consolidation two electrical services. The electrical services (located on opposite ends of the building) were modified and extended to a new electrical service fed from a new customer-owned primary voltage transformer. A generator enclosure was provided adjacent to the transformer that included a 3,000A transfer switch and 2,000kW TierIV diesel generator. The generator was permitted by the State of New Jersey to allow the system to operate with extended run hours. This allows the facility to operate independent of the grid during an outage (storm avoidance mode) and to participate in PJM’s demand response program. The Owner’s Curtailment Service Provider estimated that the system will generate approximately $50,000 per year in additional revenue.

Project Challenges

The Owner experienced extended power outages during Hurricane Sandy that caused the facility to close for several days. In addition to the typical inconveniences associated with a power outage, such as lost inventory and reduced productivity, this facility’s ability to contribute the community as a food supplier was also diminished. The Owner, through this project, was able to commit to their vendors that they would be able to maintain their production in times of regional crisis. 

Another key challenge for this project was that it had to be implemented in an active manufacturing facility. The project required careful coordination to allow for work to be scheduled in a manner that had the minimum effect on production.

System Specifications
  • (1) 2,000kW TierIV Diesel Generator
  • (1) 3,000A Automatic Transfer Switch