PSEG Solar 4 All

Project Overview:
Pro-Tech Energy Solutions designed a 2.98 megawatt roof mounted photovoltaic (PV) solar system at the Matrix Development facility in Dayton, New Jersey. The roof space was leased by Matrix Development to PSE&G as part of the Solar-4-all Program. The installation of solar panels are mounted on the rooftop of a distribution and warehouse facility. This project, to date, is the largest rooftop solar installation participating in the PSE&G Solar-4-All Program. Due to the inclement weather this winter, the project start date was pushed back by 6 weeks. Pro-Tech and PSE&G worked diligently together and were able to complete the project within 2 weeks of the original scheduled completion date. 

Project Challenges: 

  • The inclement winter weather condition setbacks.

  • Able to succeed and complete project within 2 weeks of original completion date. 

System Specifications: 

  • Installed Capacity: 2.98074 MW - DC 

  • Photovoltaic Modules: 12,684- Kyocera 235W 

  • Power Conversion Equipment: Advanced Energy Solaron 500 (x5) 

  • Estimated Annual Production: 3,253,177 Kilowatt Hours-AC 

  • Energy Monitoring System: Pro-Tech Monitoring powered by Noveda 

 Environmental Attributes: 

 Avoided Emissions:

 CO2  3,578,495 lbs
 SO2  24,725 lbs
 NO2  8,133 lbs/yr

Carbon Footprint Reduction:

 Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent 
 482 acres 
 Solar Array - Tree  Equivalent  14 acres
 Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent
 185,009 gallons/yr 
 Solar Array - Cars of the Road
 4,421,393 miles/yr