NJR Clean Energy Ventures Rock Solid

Project Overview

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions worked in conjunction with Whitman Engineering to develop approximately 45 acres of land in Howell Township for NJR Clean Energy Ventures. The completed 9.9MW project consists of four arrays, each utilizing an Advanced Energy 2MW Powerstation mounted on 8 helical screws rather than a poured concrete foundation. Power generated onsite feeds JCP&L’s recently upgraded transmission line on the opposite side of NJ Transit’s tracks adjacent to the property.

Project Challenges

Several significant challenges were encountered during the design and construction phases of the project. With roughly half of the site bordering a conservation easement, minimizing the environmental impact was a major concern.

Directional boring under both the wetlands and train tracks was required to bring power from the 34.5kV switchgear to the utility’s connection point.

Site restoration included a mix of vinyl, split rail and chain link fencing as well as the construction of 1200’ of new planting berms covered with a mixture of evergreens, specimen trees and plants.

System Specifications
  • (4) 2MW AE Bipolar Powerstations, each mounted on (8) helical screws
  • (32,800) Trina 305-310w, 1000v modules
  • RBI driven post racking system
  • Eaton 34.5kV switchgear assembly
  • Draker Monitoring System
  • 9.936MW (DC) / 8MW (AC)
  • 12,668,400 kW/h – annual AC production

Environmental Attributes

Description of Savings Quantification of Savings
Solar Array Output 12,668,400 kWh
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 8487.83 Tons of Carbon Annually
Solar Array - CO2 Offsets 16,975,656 Pounds of Carbon Annually Eliminated
Solar Array - Cars off the Road 1,029 Cars Taken off the Road For One Year
Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent 875,034 Gallons of Gas
Solar Array - Tree Equivalent 253,368 Trees Cleansing the Air For One Year
Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent 6,334 Trees Planted for Life of Tree
Solar Array - Average Homes Powered 1,423.42 Homes Powered For One Year
Solar Array - Average Lightbulbs Powered 108462.33 Lightbulbs Powered For One Year