Whole Foods

Project Overview
Pro-Tech has constructed a 306kW-DC solar carport for the Brooklyn Whole Foods Market next to the Gowanus Canal. The rooftop hosts a 20,000 square foot greenhouse, leaving no room for a traditional rooftop solar installation, so Whole Foods required a solar solution for the parking lot. The innovative parking canopy structure from Solaire Generation collects rainwater while protecting customers from the elements. The rainwater collected by the parking canopy is fed into a 30,000-gallon underground cistern where it is filtered and used for non-potable purposes throughout the store.  The canopies supply approximately 380,000 kWh of clean electricity annually (about 25% of the site’s load) and comprise the largest solar parking system in New York City.  There were six canopy structures installed in the lot covering approximately 22,000 sq. ft.  The interconnection was coordinated with Con Edison as they were installing the new service at the facility.  The transformer required for the interconnection of the solar array into the building’s electrical system had to be craned to the roof and coordinated so that its installation did not interfere with the installation of the heating and cooling equipment required for the store’s operations.

Project Challenges
The Brooklyn Whole Foods was under a tight construction deadline to make the store’s official neighborhood grand opening. Pro-Tech worked with Solaire and SunEdison to build the installation on time and on budget. Teaming with local labor, Pro-Tech worked overtime, and in tight urban quarters to manage multiple trade professionals, coordinate deliveries, organize major construction milestones and establish interconnection with ConEdison. Pro-Tech was able to plan and manage all these activities successfully for maximum efficiency and with minimal impact to other store construction projects occurring simultaneously.

System Specifications

  • (14) Chint CPS 20kW Inverters
  • (1,002) MEMC 300W modules
  • Solaire Generation carport structures
  • 306.6kW-DC
  • 380,000 kW/h – annual AC production

Environmental Attributes


 Description of Savings
 Quantification of Savings
 Solar Array Output
 380,000  kWh
 Solar Array - CO2 Offsets
254.6  Tons of Carbon Annually
 Solar Array - CO2 Offsets
596,667  Pounds of Carbon Annually Eliminated
 Solar Array - Cars off the Road
 31  Cars Taken off the Road for One Year
 Solar Array - Gasoline Equivalent
 26,243  Gallons of Gas
 Solar Array - Tree Equivalent
 7,600  Trees Cleansing the Air for One Year
 Solar Array - Tree Planting Equivalent
 190  Trees Planted for Life of Tree
 Solar Array - Average Homes Powered
 Homes Powered for One Year
 Solar Array - Average Lightbulbs Powered
 3,253.4  Lightbulbs Powered for One Year