Wildwoods Convention Center

Project Overview

Pro-Tech Energy Solutions designed and constructed a 474.32kW roof-mounted PV system at the Wildwoods Convention Center in Wildwood, NJ. This 35,745 square foot project of varying roof elevations and subsequent shading patterns was assembled with careful planning by the Pro-Tech team.

Project Challenges:

Varying roof elevations required that Pro-Tech take shading patterns into account. In order to obtain the most benefit from the individual arrays, all of which have various shaded times, Pro-Tech used integrated Power One inverters with MPPT technology. The inverters isolated the shaded strings for different production times throughout the day. Pro-Tech was also able to proceed with construction while a TOPcap sheet and deck insulation were simultaneously being installed. Pro-Tech also modified the extensive lightning protection system to accommodate the new array.

System Specifications:

  • Installed Capacity: 474.32kW-DC
  • Photovoltaic Modules: (528) Eopply 156/P-72 280w Modules; (1166) Sun Tech STP-280 /24vd Modules
  • Power Conversion Equipment: (2) Power One PVI-250kW Inverters

Environmental Attributes:
Avoided Emissions:

 CO2  586,948 lbs.
 SO2  4,056 lbs.
 NO2  1,334 lbs./yr.  


Carbon Footprint Reduction:

  Solar Array - Planted Trees
  79 acres
  Solar Array - Preserved Forest
  3 acres
  Solar Array - Gasoline Conserved  
  30,346 gallons/year  
  Solar Array - Passenger Car Travel 
  725,201 miles/year