Everything Pro-Tech does moves clients toward the goal of increased energy efficiency. Each unique project is assessed for the greatest understanding of the building, and Pro-Tech moves in to identify where energy can be saved and the best practices for managing and maintaining the most efficient building possible.

HVAC/Mechanical Services

Substantial savings are derived from better design and operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC), and other equipment. Our experience in development, design, implementation, commissioning and follow-up ensures that the least energy is used by mechanical equipment to perform the job. Projects must be looked at as a group of inter-connected systems, rather than individual measures. Whether the solution involves variable speed motors, unitary equipment or built-up cooling plants, or today’s most advanced boilers and controls, opportunities to save are developed through discovering and carrying out the best solution for the client. Selecting the best solution often requires several iterations of product selection and savings calculations to find the best long-term fit.

These services include:

  • Analysis and benchmarking of existing operations, operational methodologies and manpower usage
  • Preliminary and detailed energy audits on a system-by-system and/or facility wide basis
  • On-site measurement and verification of energy use, losses, wastage, etc.
  • Identification of demand-side energy reduction strategies, system changes and equipment replacement
  • Identification and analysis of behavioral changes
  • Design of energy management and awareness plans
  • Economic and technical justification studies
  • Contractor selection and management
  • Verification of savings programs

Energy Audits

We provide varying levels of energy audit services based on customer needs and goals. Energy Audits will provide recommended energy conservation opportunities (ECO's) in line with your energy and financial reduction goals. Benchmarking of existing operations, costs and energy utilization against similar facilities can also provide valid guidance on possible opportunities for cost reduction. Energy use may often be reduced through simple operational and behavioral changes. These changes can usually be implemented with minimal cost. Suitably designed and implemented behavioral programs and plans can result in significant energy savings. Pro-Tech provides a range of services related to the analysis of operations, auditing energy use and development of the necessary plans to reduce costs.

Energy Star Benchmarking

Energy Star Benchmarking is a management tool that analyzes your building’s current energy efficiency and consumption by conducting analyses of building equipment, studying current energy use and collecting data from past energy consumption. Pro-Tech Energy Solutions, LLC is committed to leveraging the benefits of ENERGY STAR’s national facility benchmarking standards. We will take all the required steps to input your facility and utility information in the ENERGY STAR system for comparison to national norms. For those buildings that meet ENERGY STAR requirements, we will submit the buildings for appropriate recognition. This will result in positive reinforcement and recognition of energy saving efforts.

Retro-Commissioning allows you to:

  • Improve outside air control and indoor air quality
  • Eliminate building "hot" or "cold" spots
  • Decrease supply air pressure set point and system rebalancing
  • Reduce supply air temperature and fan speed in air handling units
  • Optimize chiller or other equipment operations
  • Adjust and correct equipment operating schedules
  • Result in reduced maintenance and repair costs, and extended equipment service life, as well as provide your tenants and employees with a more comfortable environment.
  • Take advantage of the energy efficiency

Retro-Commissioning Services

Pro-Tech’s approach to Retro-commissioning (RCx) is a full building tune-up, designed to help your building perform optimally. We target energy saving opportunities through a systematic evaluation of energy-using systems, resulting in the identification and implementation of no-cost and low-cost energy-saving improvements.

Assessment for CHP

Pro-Tech considers all facets of a project when approaching a potential combined heat and power (CHP) project. While one in ten would be successful candidates for a combined heat and power, or cogeneration, project Pro-Tech will assess the entire scope of energy usage for each potential client. The team works closely with clients to examine the potential opportunity for eligibility, assess the facility in question and ensure the project will work long-term.

A CHP System uses one source of energy, typically natural gas, and produces two sources of useful energy. Good candidates for CHP projects typically have consistent requirements for heat – hospitals, prisons and hotels, for example. Electric Power is produced to provide base load electric requirements, and thermal heat rejected from the CHP System is captured and used to off-set existing thermal heat production. Pro-Tech examines the facility, environmental considerations and average annual load to ensure that the proposed project economically viable.

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