Pro-Tech utilizes the latest technology, materials and construction practices from project inception through final permitting.  Renewable energy can supplement or completely provide a facility's energy requirements resulting in reduced energy costs, energy independence, and reduced emissions of greenhouse gases.  Pro-Tech has the technical experience to create economically viable renewable energy solutions, including solar photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal.


Pro-Tech provides a full-service approach to solar, energy efficiency and combined heat and power projects with a high level of experience – from development through permitting and maintaining each project throughout its lifespan. Pro-Tech can provide the initial capital for a solar electric system and will own, operate and maintain the system over a long-term contract. Project development includes an in-depth analysis of the opportunity to save energy prior to considering the size and capacity of a renewable option. Each member of the team has hands-on experience in building and maintaining unique renewable energy projects, as well as high-level management experience so that there’s never a missing piece to clients’ projects.

The Pro-Tech Method:

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